Discover How To Burn Body Fat, Tone Up, And Be The Fittest You Have Ever Been With Liberty Fitness Personal Training..

At Liberty Fitness our Personal Training program will get you a tailored fitness program designed to help you get back into shape where you will be trained like you have never seen before!

Get ready to tone up, blast all the unwanted body fat that you have piled on over the years, and become the fittest you can become in a matter of weeks with the number 1 fat loss personal training program in Melbourne.

At our state-of-the-art facility, gone are the machines, like a pec-deck, say hello to TRX Suspension Training…

Gone are those boring treadmills, replaced by hard-core Kettle Bells….

This is training that WILL get you results. No fluff, just pure results!

Whether you want to lose body fat, get healthy or build muscle, Personal Training is the proven way. At Liberty Fitness, personalised training programs are specifically designed to meet your individual requirements based on the information collected from your initial session and health consultation.

Working with you during each session, your Personal Trainer develops a structured program focusing on achieving your specific goals, ie: fat loss, getting in shape or toning up.
All training sessions are designed to be rewarding, fun, motivating, encouraging and educational, making it easier and more enjoyable to achieve and maintain your fitness goals.

A Personal Training appointment with one of our trainers will ensure that you not only attend training sessions but also are given the motivation towards achieving your short and long-term goals. Their job is to assess your fitness levels, set up a program for you and keep you motivated.
We will push you past your comfort level with strength training and cardio exercises in a fun and positive environment that you will love. Speak to us today about how Personal Training will benefit you on 1300 901 488.

Personal Training

Do you need a Personal Trainer in Melbourne?


If you answer YES to any of the following questions, then Liberty Fitness is for you…


  • Do you need some guidance with your health program?
  • Do you need that extra push and motivation?
  • Not sure about exercise and dietary advice?
  • Do you lack energy?
  • Underperforming in life, work or a given sport?
  • Are you overweight?
  • Or do you suffer from stress?
  • Could your self-esteem be improved?
  • Always felt you could do better?
  • Fallen off the wagon when you were doing so well?

Our Personal Trainer Coaching & Mentoring style is more effective because…


    • It is truly a more personal service
    • We provide Gold rated, top standard of service (second best is not good enough)
    • We don’t just train you to look good, we get you functioning at a higher level, physically and mentally
    • We use science and results-based methods
    • Fun and friendly when it counts, drill sergeant when we need to be
    • We back our program 100%- if you don’t get results- you don’t pay!

What you will get from your Semi- Private Personal Fitness coaching…


  • A Complete Nutritional Diagnostic
  • Lifestyle Diagnostic
  • Thorough Fitness Testing
  • Monthly Health and Fitness Check Ups to see how you are progressing through your fitness program
  • A complete personalised periodised program to maximize your results
  • Weekly tailored Personal Fitness coaching and ongoing technique assessment
  • Able to train with other like-minded people in a semi-private training environment.
  • Unlimited Support and Motivation to help you reach those goals
  • Get you body into shape and keep your fat burning metabolism raging for hours even after you have finished your training.
  • For more information on how a Liberty Fitness Personal Training program how can help you, contact us!

Our Personal Trainer Coaching & Mentoring style is more effective because…

  • Personalised programs designed JUST FOR YOU to strip your away unwanted fat.
  • High intensity 1/2hr sessions to help you get the greatest results in the shortest amount of time
  • Get results in 30 days or you get your money back
  • Fun and friendly staff to support you along the way to your goals
  • We measure and track your progress every step of the way
  • Fun Fat blasting strength and conditioning sessions
  • Programs to suit any fitness level, body type and budget
  • Supportive and committed community of members here to make you feel welcome every time you come
  • Specialised Programs for mums and dads
  • Fit for life guarantee

What can you expect from our Semi-Private Fitness Program???

Functional training to help you cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life.
Core stability and flexibility to help prevent injury and improve your posture.
Qualified expert advice by some of the best personal trainers Melbourne has to offer.
We will teach you relaxation and breathing techniques.
This Melbourne Personal Training session will make you sweat, work hard, lose weight, build muscle tone and have fun.

Health Consultation