Liberty Fitness Personal Training Strathmore

We are the premier personal trainers near Strathmore to get you fit for life. Our programs offer a safe and effective way to help women and men achieve their fitness goals whilst enjoying life in the privacy of Liberty Fitness Personal Training Studio located conveniently near Strathmore in the Essendon & Ascot Vale area.
Our latest personal training deals in Strathmore

We know your busy, so ask how we can tailor a fitness plan to suit your needs.

Liberty Fitness Strathmore is a fresh, vibrant, Personal Health Facility, specialising in private, group, corporate personal training catering for men, woman, the elderly and children, comprising of experienced, professional, Qualified Personal Trainers.

Our Maribyrning services include:

  • Personal Training
  • Indoor Boot Camp
  • Group Personal Training
  • Fitness Training for Children
  • Corporate Fitness and Team Building exercises

As well as working with children 5-12 years old, people over 50 years of age, and the weight conscious in Strathmore. What ever your age, shape or goals are, we can help ANYONE!

With Liberty Fitness Personal Training Strathmore, results come quickly because of our unique program designed to unleash fat burning muscle, yet being realistic enough to fit into your daily lifestyle. We show you how to follow an individualised eating plan, set goals, maximise exercise time and have the accountability you need to stay with an exercise program. And best of all, we do this while having fun!

Benefits of the Liberty Fitness Personal Training Strathmore Program:

  • Increased Motivation
  • Accelerated Results
  • Accountability
  • Targeted Exercises for your “Trouble Spots”
  • Emphasis on Proper Technique
  • Decreased Risk of Injury
  • Individualised Healthy Eating Plans & Programs Based on Your Needs
  • Progressive Training and Continual Challenges
  • More Fun!

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