Group Fitness Training

To anyone that does not participate in regular fitness or sports classes, trying to “get fit” or “improve your health” probably is a scary and daunting experience. To be honest, the hardest step is actually picking up the phone to call for help, or enquiring at the local gym what their costs might be… If you are reading this then you might be looking for something that offers you a different way of fitness training compared to an ordinary gym, something that will offer you a unique experience every class, and push you to your limits in a safe and positive environment.

The Importance of Being Fit in Your 30s

So you have been able to defy the gravity pull during your 20’s, but now you have turned the big 3-0, things a little different these days. You notice that there is that “sag” in places there shouldn’t be, maybe your waist line is getting tighter and tighter in order to pull on our jeans, or maybe even your bathers are too tight to feel comfortable to go to the beach in.

Keep Moving

Ever been for a 5km run where you have pushed yourself as hard as you can, then as you finish, you sit down for 10mins (not stretching), then you stand up and go for another 5km run as hard as you can..?

I wouldn’t like to think you do that but imagine how hard it might be the second time around, heck, imagine if you did that run the third time.. Now imagine if you just kept walking for 10-15 minutes in between the runs, you may find it tough, but not as tough as getting up from sitting down for those 10 minutes. (more…)

Tough Mudder Training.

Are you tough enough? Tough Mudder is on again in September, are you tough enough? This is a 20km obstacle course that is designed to test your endurance, strength, stamina and mental grit. It can be completed as a single person event or as a team. Here at Liberty Fitness we are putting a team together to compete in this event and it would be an awesome way to you’re your fitness abilities as well as your training toughness. We will be conducting special training classes leading up to the event every Saturday which will run for 90mins to get you prepared for the big day. So get ready to prepare yourself for the pain! It’s not called Tough Mudder for nothing!!

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